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The fitness club has bought all the physical exercises under one roof for all group of ages and gender. The main focus of our club is on the freedom of the individual so they can discharge all their output while doing a program. Although our club is for everyone, we divided the male and female programs into two schedules where we guarantee no mix-up between both genders. So the women of our society can enjoy the activities with full freedom.

The galaxy fitness club helps each one to change themselves into something new that they never imagined. The club has certified trainers that motivate the individual every day and look after their diet plans that help to unleash their second face of the body.


to become the franchise that strives to provide high-quality fitness for each and everyone irrespective of their age and gender with full liberty.


The platform that creates an opportunity for everyone to grow themselves by mind and body with full privileges in a healthy atmosphere and to convey the importance of being healthy.

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